6 Dec

It’s been a while since we updated y’all on our comings and goings. As we unwind after a challenging few months on the road and try to decide where we’d like to settle, we’ve been enjoying warm hospitality with Joep and Liesbeth in Holland, and we’ve also spent some time with Christian and Michelle in London over the last couple of weeks. Both parties are doing a great job of marketing their respective territories!


Dinosaurs in Crystal Palace

The truth is that right now we don’t really know where we want to be or what we want to do. After travelling for so long, we’re equally parts anxious to get stuck in to ‘real life’ again, and unsure of what we want to do next. We do know we want to continue to travel through Europe, and there’s so much more to explore, but we need to find work to finance this folly.

It seems that no sooner do we agree on a plan and start enacting it than we take a complete 180 degree turn and start following an alternative. We were set on living in Holland and immersing ourselves in Nederland-life – the idea of living in a smaller city, cycling around, and learning to speak fluent Dutch really appeals to us – but the paperwork required for me to get a residence and work permit is a hurdle. And because we’re living in a smaller town at the moment, we haven’t had much opportunity to find ‘our people’.


Appel gebak and koffie!



On the other hand, London has lots more work opportunities and it’s a relatively straight-forward (and inexpensive!) process for me to get legal for work. And we have loads of friends there who can help us get established. But I have a mental block about London. It’s silly, but in my head, I wasn’t going on an overseas adventure to end up living in London with however many other New Zealanders. We were kind of decided on London, and then we landed back in Schiphol and promptly started reconsidering Holland again!

And of course, Stockholm has lots of things going for it too!

We know that we can make what we want of our lives, regardless of where we leave our figurative hats. We lived in Hamilton for years, for goodness sake! We just need to decide where the best place for us is right now, and commit to it.

We’re waiting to hear back about some jobs in London, and I’m trying out for London Roller Girls derby league, so I guess if those things come together the decision will be made for us.


As an aside, it snowed this morning! For about five minutes anyway… but it was really exciting for the short time it lasted.


One Response to “Crossroads”

  1. Judi December 7, 2013 at 12:50 am #

    and remember the decision you make isn’t set in stone. Good luck with whatever journey you decide.

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